MaCS – Marine and Coastal Systems MSc


Junto envio informação sobre o Mestrado em Marine and Coastal Systems.

Paulo Relvas

Assunto: MaCS – Marine and Coastal Systems MSc, 2nd call and new website

THE MARINE AND COASTAL SYSTEMS MASTER PROGRAM – MaCS has a new website at the same address, full of new and useful information, please visit us at

2ND CALL: The University of Algarve is pleased to announce the new Master Programme in Marine and Coastal Systems (MaCS), focused on the study of processes operating within the coastal and marine systems, subject to geological, physical, chemical, biological and social forcings. MaCS is fully accredited in accordance to Bologna Process, has 2 years of total duration (120 ECTS) and will be lectured in English, starting on September 2014.

Applications to MaCS are open until 18th July and can be made electronically at:

For further information contact MaCS Director: Prof. Óscar Ferreira (oferreir), visit the websites or , and the facebook

MSc Commission members,

Óscar Ferreira (Director)

Alexandra Cravo

José Jacob