1st ICOS Science Conference on Greenhouse Gases and Biogeochemical Cycles in Brussels, Belgium, 23-25 Sept, 2014



ICOS RI will organise the

1st ICOS International Conference on Greenhouse Gases and Biogeochemical Cycles
in Brussels 23-25 September 2014.

The conference is open for all scientists interested in research on greenhouse gases, biochemical cycles and climate change.

The conference is hosted by ICOS ​RI, ​University ​of ​Antwerp, ​Belgian ​Science ​Policy ​Office, ​Walloon ​government, ​EWI ​Department ​for ​Economy, ​Science ​and ​ Innovation ​and ​University ​of ​Liege.

The ICOS Science Conference will address:

· Atmospheric GHG concentrations and anthropogenic sources

· ICOS data and global biogeochemical modelling

· Biogeochemical cycles of forests, grasslands, wetlands and agricultural ecosystems

· Ocean GHG observations and fluxes

· Regional integrations

· Different GHG species

Contributions on freshwaters and urban environments are also welcomed. Early career scientists, especially from Eastern Europe, may apply travel grants, supported by the TTORCH. More information in May.

Important dates:

· May, registration opens

· 26 June 2014, abstract submission deadline

· 4 July 2014, notice on abstract acceptance

· 11 August 2014, registration deadline

· 23-25 September 2014, 1st ICOS International Science Conference

· 26 September 2014 ICOS RI activities, stakeholder meetings