Recent Papers

Two recently published papers from fellow APOCEAN members:

 – Effect of Internal Waves on near-surface chlorophyll concentration and primary production in the Nazaré Canyon (West of the Iberian Peninsula)


•Nazaré Canyon off the western Iberian Peninsula.

•Enhanced chlorophyll patchiness detected in satellite ocean colour images is spatially correlated with internal tides.

•Internal tidal waves represent an important mechanism that may enhance primary production.

•Internal waves may have a relevant regional ecological impact.

A census of Meddies in a long-term high-resolution simulation


•40 (12) Meddies/yr, 30% (12%) cyclones, living a minimum of 15 (90) days.

•30% of Meddies originate far from the slope in convergence points of main pathways.

•Asymmetric distribution of anticyclones/cyclones with respect to Cape St. Vincent.

•Long-lived Meddies propagate NW; cyclones more easily tracked at 600 m.

•Meddies’ radius increases and thickness contracts as they move away from slope.